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Wed Jan, 23 2019 @ 17:21
Nature: Medical Emergency
City: Selbyville

Wed Jan, 23 2019 @ 14:08
Nature: Medical Emergency
City: Selbyville

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Lightning strike - 28 Dukes Street
Saturday, July 5, 2008

On Saturday July 5th, at 1702 hours, the Selbyville Volunteer Fire Company was alerted for an outdoor fire. This was just after a strong lightning and thunderstorm had passed through the area. Repsonders could see thick black smoke coming from the rear of the residence. Initial report by 88-42 (L. Foxwell) comfirmed an outdoor fire of remodeling debris, with extension onto a wood stockade fence. Although only a few feet away, the residence was not involved. Arrival of 88-40 (R. Foxwell) updated the initial report, and spotted the engine while deferring the command to the responding engine officer. Prior to the arrival of the engine, the occupants and neighbors of the residence had formed an old-fashioned bucket brigade and was containing the area of fire to the debris pile. Arrival of Engine 88-1 with Deputy 88 (M. Lathbury)assuming command, with 88-40 as Operations at the rear of the structure. A single hose line was deployed, and the fire was extinguished. The debris pile had been under a towering pine tree, and a scorch mark was evident down the length of the tree. the pile ahd ignited, and then moved up the fence. There were no injuries reported from the residents. Units operating were Engine 88-1, B-88, TC-88, and 88 fire police.

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